Monday, January 9, 2012


Sweet mother of Moses. What a weekend! Benjamin was at his bio-dad's from Friday night to Sunday night so we had much more time to ourselves than we're used to. We spent Friday night eating pizza and watching movies. You are not going to believe this, but we watched the first three Twilight movies. At Joshua's suggestion. Seriously. I've never had any interest in the Twilight series. I remember seeing the book in Barnes and Noble before the phenomena was in full swing. I picked it up because the cover looked interesting enough. Then I read the description. Vampires? No thanks. When the first movie came out, my dad rented it for me so we could watch it together. I was not impressed. But I have been curious about what all the hype is over. So we watched all three movies and I'm still wondering what all the hype is over. They were TERRIBLE! I've seen better acting in a middle school performing arts center. The script was unintentionally funny and the plot was boring. Whatevs. At least we had a good time failing at random crafts while we watched it. By the way, to the die-hard Twi-tards, please don't be offended by my dislike of Twilight. I seriously started reading the book with the hope that it is better than the movie. I'm giving it two more chapters to decide.

We had a nice, relaxing day on Saturday and met up with our friends Shane and Kendra for dinner Saturday night which turned in to Wii games at our house which turned into a sleepover which turned in to breakfast which turned in to a movie. It was delightful to see them outside of Seattle! We spent the rest of the day screenprinting with the Yudu- one of my Christmas toys I have been super excited about but haven't had the time to use. I tried to catch up on my craft blog. I think that is the most challenging thing about this project. Making a craft a day isn't that difficult but taking the photos and writing a blog about each thing is more of a pain than I anticipated.

Benjer came home last night (hooray!) and we had a nice cuddle time. It feels so weird when he's gone. Like I'm missing an arm or something. I'm so happy he's home. I got to be the center of the cuddle pile between the baby, the husband, and of course the cat had to be right at the top of the pile. Not sure where the dog was, as she's usually right in the midst of a cuddle puddle but I was thankful she was giving me some space as I may have suffocated otherwise. Not that I got much sleep anyway. My poor Benjer woke up almost every hour to pat my face and say, "Mommy's here" before falling back asleep. That's right, dude. Mommy IS here.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Today we met up with Father Farnworth for lunch and I told him about our New Year's resolution to each create something daily. His response was something to the effect of, "You realize you both have full time jobs and a toddler, right?" I explained that yesterday's project (the M&M drawing) took all of 30 seconds so I totally think it's doable to find that kind of time every day to make something. Although we have a whole room full of craft supplies, Josh wanted to head out to pick up some random craft items so we'll always have something ready at home to work with. We ended up with the most random stuff! Including a few things from the kid's craft aisle like perler beads and an eraser making kit. Our house is well stocked with pretty much any craft item you could want now. We busted out the perler beads while Benjamin was napping and I see Father Farnworth's point. While we had a good time working on our projects, there is NO WAY something like that could be accomplished if Ben was awake. He is very much in the "getting in your business" phase. Some of his favorite things to say are, "My turn!" and "I'll do it!" Hopefully Benjamin will be equally as interested in the crafts that are appropriate for his age, but I doubt it. He is so inquisitive. I wouldn't have it any other way!

After spending a chunk of the day in Powell's, on our long car ride home we started talking about our mutal love of books and reading and discussing the possible reasons why we both love to read so much. For him it was the combination of his dad letting him pick out a book as a treat as a kid and spending a lot of time in the car. For me it was taking trips to the library with my grandma and my mom reading to my brother and I at night. While we place a lot of importance on Benjamin developing his own personality- likes and dislikes, we would love to raise him to love to read. So far, so good! He loves to pick out books and be read to. We've caught him "reading" on his own quite a few times as well. I really enjoy the stories he comes up with when he "reads" a book to me. He already has an excellent imagination- I would love to help him develop that by raising him in a home where we practice being creative every day. Even though he is too young to appreciate it now, that's one of the reasons why I'm so excited about this project.

It's nice to be doing something that I'm really enjoying for myself and my own growth, but also together with my family. 'Cause let's face it- at the end of the day, those two boys are my everything.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year! We rang in the new year in a gas station parking lot. Despite the way it sounds, it was actually really romantic! Joshua decided he wanted to take a road trip. We do things like this sometimes- pack a bag with no idea where we're headed to. We hopped in the car right around Benjamin's bed time which worked out really well- he slept the whole time we were in the car. We ended up in one of our favorite cities- Portland! The next morning we took a stroll downtown and of course wound up in Powell's. We've been there as a family a couple of times now and it's become a little tradition for each one of the three of us to pick out a book (or 2 or 3!). Amongst other things, we ended up with 3 books on various kinds of crafting. One of the books Josh picked out for me is a crafting journal with a challenge to create something every day for an entire year. Josh and I decided to give it a whirl together. Check out our progress at:

Anyway, about the parking lot? We were on the road heading home around midnight with Benjer snoozing in the back. Neither one of us was expecting to ring in the new year on the freeway, so Josh pulled over just before midnight so we could get out of the car for a proper new year's kiss. The fireworks were a nice touch too. We spent the first few hours of this year talking together. Although I sincerely appreciate the comfortable silences between us at appropriate times, I also love the fact that we never seem to run out of things to talk about. Joshua is insightful and hilarious and we have a great time talking and laughing together. I'm looking forward to the adventures the next year brings!

2011 In Review

What an incredible, life-changing year this has been for our family! One I will always look back on as one of the best of my life!  So much excellence packed in. Here are a few of the highlights…

Either nothing really eventful happened or I just don’t remember.  January feels like such a long time ago!

We enjoyed the snow! Unfortunately, I ended up in a ditch on the way to work for the first time ever. Thus began my phobia of driving in the snow lol!
Joshua and I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. He surprised my by taking me to Spa Essencia at the Langley Inn for a hot stone massage followed by a fancy dinner at my favorite restaurant. It was an epic date night.

We marvel at Benjamin’s development on a daily basis, however, one of the most noteworthy things to happen in March was the beginning of Ben’s joke telling. Not only is it hilarious to watch him crack up at his own jokes, I love seeing him use his imagination! The knock knock jokes he comes up with are priceless!

We took the kiddos to see the tulips! Benjer had a great time tromping around and Elli got to spend some time with Luci and Wyatt. It was such a treat to have all the kids together!

Also this month, Ben’s vocabulary took off! He started saying all kinds of new words- and big ones to boot! My favorite? “Bubbles”

May is a special month for Joshua and I. May means Sasquatch! It was my first time to go and it was amazing. We had such a good time and made some lifelong friends including Levi- who flew out from San Francisco to perform our wedding for us. Although we missed Benjamin something awful (it was the longest we’d ever been apart- 5 whole days!!) we got to talk to him every day and we made some great memories. Ben made some memories of his own at Great Wolf Lodge with his cousins, his Mimi and Auntie. 

We celebrated my 28th birthday! In contrast to my “Stache-tacular Mustache-Themed birthday party from last year (which I thoroughly enjoyed!), this year I wanted to celebrate “Pushing 30” with a quiet family dinner. Momma made my favorite (her homemade spaghetti!) and we followed up with ice cream cake and dominos. Of course, to ensure that I was completely satisfied with my birthday celebration, Joshua (in true Joshua style) surprised me with tickets to see one of our favorite bands, The Mountain Goats! We had an excellent time going to the show together- it was one of the most memorable shows I’ve ever been to.

 In July we had the great joy of spending some time with my extended family. The first time we had all been together since the early 90’s! It was so wonderful to spend some time with the family I miss so much! Seeing our children play together brought back so many memories of the wonderful times I had during my childhood.

The biggest event to take place this year happened in July. We eloped! It was a perfect ceremony- it was so “us” It was such a special day. I still smile every time I think of it. Smiling right now. Like a winner. Betcha wish you could see my cheese grin.

In August we headed out to Colonial Creek for the first annual Farnworth Family Camping trip! Benjamin had an excellent time hiking, playing in the water, roasting marshmallows, generally running amok… Uncle Bibby (the honorary Farnworth) joined us and we had such a fun time together as a family. I was pleasantly surprised at how great Ben slept during the trip. It was such a relaxing time and a great way to “recharge our batteries”.  I can’t wait to plan the trip for 2012!

In addition to taking a weekend+ to go camping, we also both took a week of off work for a “staycation”. We did some work around the house and just enjoyed having some time to spend together. Joshua is always planning these amazing getaways- and I enjoy every single one- but it was also nice to just get some time to be at home.

September brings about another Farnworth Family tradition- Bumbershoot! Once again joined by Uncle Bibby we headed to Seattle to enjoy a few days of music and a ton of artwork. Although we were a little disappointed in the line up this year, we got some really great pieces at Flatstock and Josh got to catch up with his friend John of The Lonely Forest. We let Benjer hang out with his Mimi this time- deciding he was still a little too young to have fun. This coming year I am so excited to bring him along! While he did miss out on Bumbershoot, he did get to attend his first concert in September. At the suggestion of his Auntie, we went to see Caspar Babypants at the Freeland Library. He loved it! I loved watching Ben dance and have a good time. Every moment I look at that guy, I feel so blessed to be his Mommy.

October is a big birthday month in our family. October 3rd is my dad’s, Grandma DD’s and Joshua’s birthday. Joshua had been talking about wanting a kitty ever since I’ve known him so for his birthday we welcomed Charlie Sheen into our home (“Winning!”).  It was an adjustment for our Marley-girl but now they’re pals and we can’t imagine our family without the little furniture-ruining turd nugget. We couldn’t just stop at the cat, of course. We also headed out to one of our favorite spots, Rock Box for a night of karaoke with friends to celebrate the birth of my squishy.

I crossed another item off of my bucket list when I went to see Frank Turner with Matt and Jenna. It was such a great show. Of course, I got another epic T-shirt to add to my ever growing awesome-bands-we’ve-seen-live-shirts-that-I-wear-around-the-house collection.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Every year Josh and I have so much fun coming up with our family costume. We have to enjoy while we can- pretty soon Benjer will be choosing his own costumes! This year Ben was Officer Awesome and Mommy & Daddy had matching jailbird outfits. We skipped trick or treating this year (Ben had a cold so we wanted to keep in inside) and instead went to the CES Carnival. Daddy & Benjer had fun handing out candy at home Halloween night and I enjoyed listening to the descriptions of the ghouls and goblins who came to haunt our doorstep from my cozy spot on the couch.

My husband is so full of awesome, every time he plans an event I always think he’ll never be able to outdo himself. I am consistently proven wrong. In November he planned a “Mystery Date” which included a shopping trip, dinner, a trip to the casino, a romantic night in a penthouse suite with a private hot tub, breakfast at what is now one of my favorite restaurants and a spa day for me and Mom. The reason for this lavish getaway? Just ‘cause. Seriously. Aside from all the amazing things he does for me, I feel like the luckiest gal in the world. Joshua is constantly showing Ben and me how much he loves us not just with words but with his actions. I am so thankful for him.


Last year for Ben’s first birthday we had a family party at home. Everyone was sick off and on and we wanted to stay home and enjoy him. Since we didn’t have a big party last year, I may have gone a little overboard this year. We let Benjamin choose what kind of party he wanted and he chose Yo Gabba Gabba. Mimi and Granddaddy were gracious enough to let us use their basement for the event. We had a candy bar, coloring station, way too much food and all kinds of fun decorations. Friends and family came to celebrate our little one turning two. We all had a great time and Benjamin got so many great gifts we had to clean out his room to make space!

We also hosted our first Tacky Christmas Sweater party this year. We had so much fun making our sweaters and spending time with friends.  I had a lot of fun decorating the house for this. Tacky on purpose?! Heck yes! It’s really hard to screw that one up. 

 Christmas was amazing. Everyone was spoiled. I got something I've been especially wanting- more on that later!

As 2011 comes to a close, I can’t imagine what 2012 has in store. I feel so blessed and undeserving of the life I have now. The last couple of years have brought about some wonderful, life-changing events. I thank God every day for the consistent happiness. Not every day (much less everything) is perfect, but I am happier than I have ever been and the best part is- I get to feel like this every day!