Monday, January 9, 2012


Sweet mother of Moses. What a weekend! Benjamin was at his bio-dad's from Friday night to Sunday night so we had much more time to ourselves than we're used to. We spent Friday night eating pizza and watching movies. You are not going to believe this, but we watched the first three Twilight movies. At Joshua's suggestion. Seriously. I've never had any interest in the Twilight series. I remember seeing the book in Barnes and Noble before the phenomena was in full swing. I picked it up because the cover looked interesting enough. Then I read the description. Vampires? No thanks. When the first movie came out, my dad rented it for me so we could watch it together. I was not impressed. But I have been curious about what all the hype is over. So we watched all three movies and I'm still wondering what all the hype is over. They were TERRIBLE! I've seen better acting in a middle school performing arts center. The script was unintentionally funny and the plot was boring. Whatevs. At least we had a good time failing at random crafts while we watched it. By the way, to the die-hard Twi-tards, please don't be offended by my dislike of Twilight. I seriously started reading the book with the hope that it is better than the movie. I'm giving it two more chapters to decide.

We had a nice, relaxing day on Saturday and met up with our friends Shane and Kendra for dinner Saturday night which turned in to Wii games at our house which turned into a sleepover which turned in to breakfast which turned in to a movie. It was delightful to see them outside of Seattle! We spent the rest of the day screenprinting with the Yudu- one of my Christmas toys I have been super excited about but haven't had the time to use. I tried to catch up on my craft blog. I think that is the most challenging thing about this project. Making a craft a day isn't that difficult but taking the photos and writing a blog about each thing is more of a pain than I anticipated.

Benjer came home last night (hooray!) and we had a nice cuddle time. It feels so weird when he's gone. Like I'm missing an arm or something. I'm so happy he's home. I got to be the center of the cuddle pile between the baby, the husband, and of course the cat had to be right at the top of the pile. Not sure where the dog was, as she's usually right in the midst of a cuddle puddle but I was thankful she was giving me some space as I may have suffocated otherwise. Not that I got much sleep anyway. My poor Benjer woke up almost every hour to pat my face and say, "Mommy's here" before falling back asleep. That's right, dude. Mommy IS here.

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