Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Day at the Park

With time quickly running out before Josh has to return to work (tomorrow! BOOOOO!!) we're trying to take advantage of our afternoons. Yesterday that meant taking a drive out to Anacortes to visit Washington Park. Joshua had never been before. I was shocked.
 There was hanging
 And laughing

 And sliding
 And photos against my child's will
 And swinging
 And attempted kisses
 And just plain kisses

 And zombie attacks
 And rock skipping

 And spinning

 And running

 And deer sightings
 And victory dancing
It was an all around great time. As much fun as I have hanging out at the park just Benjamin and me, it was really delightful to have Daddy with us to share the fun. I am so thankful that my partner in parenting is just as silly as me and willing to make a fool of himself to make our kiddo laugh. I am one blessed Mama!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Normalcy... Whatever that is!

Joshua is home! Hooray! That sweet man was expected around 7pm on Tuesday; instead he left Sasquatch early and surprised us by crawling into bed around midnight on Monday night. I am so glad he's home! Our house feels less like home when he's not here. We spent the day yesterday cuddling and catching up and last night we had a pizza/movie night. Staying up late watching bad horror movies on a Tuesday night? Priceless! I still haven't quite gotten used to being home with Ben. I have a routine in my head (and on paper, no less!) but first with Joshua gone and now with him home and off of work it's been a little hard to find my groove. So I'm treating this time like a vacation. When he goes back to work, my work will just be beginning. While he was gone I did cross a couple of things off of my to do list including cleaning out all of the cabinets in the bathroom! Would you believe I found 17 pairs of nail clippers?! SEVENTEEN! Another bonus about me staying home is finally getting organized. We'll stop buying things we already have because we either can't find them or forgot we had them. Needless to say, I think we're pretty set in the nail clipper department.

I feel like every day I get some sort of little confirmation that we made the right choice for our family.
I fall more in love with my boys every day and I am so thankful to have this opportunity to take care of them full time. It's good to be Queen!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Epic Fail! ...Sort Of.

In case you were wondering... which I doubt considering I haven't updated here in a couple of months- the crafting every day is still going! We've done well in honoring our commitment to craft- not so much with the blog posting. I get so "in the zone" when I'm working on a project, I don't want to stop to take photos. Then when I go to grab a camera to snap a picture of the finished product, I generally run into some random issue. Like today- suddenly, all of the memory cards in our house have disappeared! There aren't any in any of the cameras. The extras we bought are also hiding. I think it's time for some spring cleaning up in here. Then of course there is the whole hassle of blogging itself. Our lives have been so busy lately it feels like we're either on the go or sleeping. Which I'm sure can't be true, but it certainly feels that way.

Anyway, our crafting projects have certainly evolved. Joshua and I have been working together on making custom fragrances. He is better at it that I am :) I have made some seriously delicious smelling soy candles in the process. Seriously, I will never buy another candle again. We love candles. We (used to) buy them all the time- a new series of scents for every season. While I've been mixing and melting, Josh has been working on a label and logo. He's so talented. In the meantime, I've been individually packaging everything. An added bonus- those suckers burn FOREVER! We have been timing one of the small ones to figure out how long they burn.... that thing is closing in on it's 15th hour and it's still going strong.  Woot!

Benjamin is doing well. As per usual he is blowing our minds on a daily basis with his awesomeness. Today in the store he patted Josh and the chest and said, "Daddy... You awesome" It was cute and sweet and everything that our little dude is. We are such proud parents. He keeps us on our toes and we feel so blessed to have such a little beam of sunshine in our lives. One of my favorite things he's doing now is he'll sit down and say, "Come sit by me... Let's talk" and he when you do, he will sit and talk to you about the most random things. Today it was a recap of the birds he chased at the park. His vocabulary astounds me.

Finally Getting Around to Things

Holy changes in the Farnworth house! I am so terrible about updating our blog. I'm sure you've heard this excuse before (from me!) but between Josh and I working more than 40 hours a week each, things got a little out of control. Our house looks like a tornado hit it on the inside and a jungle outside. The pile mountain of laundry was as tall as it had ever been and I felt constantly exhausted and even though I was making sure I spent quality time with Ben before bed every day, I always felt like it wasn't enough.  So we made a big decision. I gave my notice at work about 3 weeks ago and worked my last day this past Tuesday. I'm not going to lie, the first couple of days have been a little rough. I told Joshua I was expecting being a stay at home wife and momma to be the most difficult job I've ever had. It hasn't been yet. It's been great to be home with Benjamin and tackle some of the things that have needed attention for so long but I will say I keep finding myself feeling a little overwhelmed. Benjamin and I are having a great time together. Playing at the park, chasing each other around the house, and doing lots of cuddling. It's just a big change. With Joshua gone from Thursday until Tuesday, it's been weird. Parenting without him just feels off. I can't wait for him to come home.