Saturday, May 26, 2012

Epic Fail! ...Sort Of.

In case you were wondering... which I doubt considering I haven't updated here in a couple of months- the crafting every day is still going! We've done well in honoring our commitment to craft- not so much with the blog posting. I get so "in the zone" when I'm working on a project, I don't want to stop to take photos. Then when I go to grab a camera to snap a picture of the finished product, I generally run into some random issue. Like today- suddenly, all of the memory cards in our house have disappeared! There aren't any in any of the cameras. The extras we bought are also hiding. I think it's time for some spring cleaning up in here. Then of course there is the whole hassle of blogging itself. Our lives have been so busy lately it feels like we're either on the go or sleeping. Which I'm sure can't be true, but it certainly feels that way.

Anyway, our crafting projects have certainly evolved. Joshua and I have been working together on making custom fragrances. He is better at it that I am :) I have made some seriously delicious smelling soy candles in the process. Seriously, I will never buy another candle again. We love candles. We (used to) buy them all the time- a new series of scents for every season. While I've been mixing and melting, Josh has been working on a label and logo. He's so talented. In the meantime, I've been individually packaging everything. An added bonus- those suckers burn FOREVER! We have been timing one of the small ones to figure out how long they burn.... that thing is closing in on it's 15th hour and it's still going strong.  Woot!

Benjamin is doing well. As per usual he is blowing our minds on a daily basis with his awesomeness. Today in the store he patted Josh and the chest and said, "Daddy... You awesome" It was cute and sweet and everything that our little dude is. We are such proud parents. He keeps us on our toes and we feel so blessed to have such a little beam of sunshine in our lives. One of my favorite things he's doing now is he'll sit down and say, "Come sit by me... Let's talk" and he when you do, he will sit and talk to you about the most random things. Today it was a recap of the birds he chased at the park. His vocabulary astounds me.

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