Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Day at the Park

With time quickly running out before Josh has to return to work (tomorrow! BOOOOO!!) we're trying to take advantage of our afternoons. Yesterday that meant taking a drive out to Anacortes to visit Washington Park. Joshua had never been before. I was shocked.
 There was hanging
 And laughing

 And sliding
 And photos against my child's will
 And swinging
 And attempted kisses
 And just plain kisses

 And zombie attacks
 And rock skipping

 And spinning

 And running

 And deer sightings
 And victory dancing
It was an all around great time. As much fun as I have hanging out at the park just Benjamin and me, it was really delightful to have Daddy with us to share the fun. I am so thankful that my partner in parenting is just as silly as me and willing to make a fool of himself to make our kiddo laugh. I am one blessed Mama!

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