Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Supposedly kids all go through phases where they prefer one parent over the other. One area that has stayed consistent for Benjamin is bed time. For Valentine's Day this last year, Benjamin's gift to Joshua was a new bedtime book called I Love My Daddy Because... 

Benjamin has been pretty insistent that Daddy reads him the "Daddy Book" at bedtime. In the event that Daddy is not around and Momma tries to read it? Not the same. He gets this look on his face and shakes his head at me like, "Nice try, Momma." The book is so well loved it's getting worn down a bit and Benjamin knows it by heart. Each page shows a daddy and baby animal of some kind and Benjamin and Josh do the animal sounds together. At this point, Ben starts making the animal sound on the next page before Josh is even finished reading the sentence on the current page. So for Father's Day I re-created the book with the same text, using pictures of Josh and Ben. A few of my favorites are as follows...

I love my Daddy because he takes naps with me.

 He makes me laugh.

He plays hide-and-seek with me. 

All said and done, the book is about 40 pages of Daddy and baby activities (he reads me stories, he sings me songs, he teaches me to be brave, etc.). I had a lot of fun sorting through pictures of my two best gentleman together. I am so proud of our little family and feel so incredibly lucky to have found this man who is so amazing. Even as I'm typing this with Ben on my lap, he periodically points to the screen at the pictures and says, "that's Daddy! love Daddy!" It's very sweet and makes me a little misty.

So, Happy Father's Day, Papa Bear! We love you more than I can say.

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