Friday, June 17, 2011

Who Rocks the Potty?

I got pooped on last night. Again. Literally. Poor Benjamin. Bless his little heart. We have been working on potty training for a while now and although he will tell us when he is going, and knows what the potty chair is for, he still prefers to go in his diaper... and on me, apparently. This is the second time I've been pooped on this month!

Benjamin loves Elmo. I mean really, that kid LOVES "Melmo" So when I saw this potty chair at Kmart, I scooped it up... until I saw the price tag. Almost $30! So I put it back. The very next week we were back at Kmart for something else and I saw the same potty chair with a little red tag on it. So I looked a little closer. Then I looked again. Then I put it in the cart. It was marked down to $4.99! Heck yes! Ever since we got it, it's been sitting in our bathroom. Benjamin will sit on it, but will not go potty on it. Ah, parenting.

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