Saturday, July 14, 2012

All Kinds of Everything

What crazy weather we've had this week! It has been so beautiful and sunny and all the things I love about living in the Northwest. And then BAM! thunder and lightning which I love almost as much as the sunny days. The grey outside makes for a perfect day of staying inside and watching the lightning. Today was extra delightful because my big brother came over and gave me a hand with my continued preparation for the Farmer's Market. It's sorta late in the season but I'm hoping to be ready by the week after next. That means a lot more product to make and a lot of time for experimenting! Matt and I had a great time mixing up some new concoctions. He even made his own fragrance of solid perfume. I cannot begin to describe how happy it makes me to be mixing wax and listening to Brave Saint Saturn with my brother catching up on life. Here's a little sneak preview of what we did today....
 New Lip Balm Flavor (Coconut! YUM.) waiting to be labeled
Mint Julep Lip Balm tins and a few different solid perfume scents. The group in the center in the clear pots is Matt's scent. He named it Hokusai. He is a nerd. His original name was better. It was "Konichi-Wash Your Ass"... but I won't put that on a label with my business logo on it. HA! 
It still smells good. Also smelling good is the Lavender Vanilla... and my favorite, the Tuberose Moss. Holy Hannah, I love making this stuff.

My Mom came over too so I took the opportunity to do a test run set up of my booth for the Farmer's Market. Matt offered to help me set up for the first week so I can get used to setting up the canopy alone but I figured if I knew how I wanted to display things ahead of time, it will be easier. I still have more to do with the table- I'm not totally happy with it but I love that I'm using one of my Nana's lace tablecloths. Seeing her things makes me remember how beautiful she was and what her laugh sounded like. It's nice to be reminded of good memories when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Charlie of course had to check out what was going on since I put my table so close to his Lazyboy. No joke, that is pretty much Charlie's chair, lol.

Since we put Benjer to bed I've been working on getting a ton of lotion bars labeled. I still have a few more to do but it was good progress!

Another reason I love having my brother around is the inevitable "Do you remember that time..." conversations. Earlier this week, we had quite of few of those when we were both at my parent's house for dinner and I found an epic photo album ranging from when we were infant/toddler age to the 90's. There were some serious gems. One of the more random ones I found that got a giggle was this poster child for teen angst...
 The walkman is an especially nice touch. It makes me wish I could remember why I had that look on my face, it's a doozy (and it was Christmas! ...I think). My favorites were the ones of my cousins and Matt and I. So many good memories. 

And lastly, I will say that we did manage to take advantage of the nice weather earlier this week. Ben and I have gotten into a routine of going to the park. I chase him. He chases me. We go on the swings. We play The Princess Bride (sword fighting. Guess who always wants to be the 6-fingered man?)  and he "climbs" the same tree...
We're having a blast. This week we also got to spend some time in the pool he bought with his piggy money forever ago. The weather was nice enough that I could take him in it multiple times a day. He's been hilarious in it and the nice part is between his pool and running at the park, he has been getting to bed on time and sleeping better than usual. The summer is off to a fantastic start!

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