Friday, July 20, 2012

Corners: Master Bedroom

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

Posters from Flatstock and soft bright blue linens

Art from the thrift store and gnomes painted green

These are a few of my favorite things!

Sometimes I wish I had it in me to make our home look like a page out of a Pottery Barn or West Elm catalog. The truth is, both my husband and I are far too sentimental for that. I'm not saying you can't combine sentiment and designer style, but our tastes are a little more... random I guess would be a nice way of saying it. Benjamin has demanded to watch Ice Age "in the big bed" for the last couple of days. While he laughed at the movie and crunched popcorn in our bed, I took a few pictures of some of my favorite things hiding around our bedroom.

This is the top of our dresser under our TV which is mounted to the wall. The frame was a wedding gift from one of my employees and although it's not really 100% my style, it was so sweet of her. It sat on my desk until I quit my job. I have 2 fortunes taped to it- the first says, "You or a close friend will be married within a year" (I got that one shortly before Josh proposed to me!) and the other says "Family is more important than money" (I got that one right before I quit my job!). The photo is one of my favorites from our wedding day with my handsome groom sporting his fake 'stache. The little white owl on the left is one Joshy made for me during a rainy Craft-a-palooza weekend at home. The larger owl is one we scored at Target. So stinkin' cute.

Date gnomes! These also live on our dresser. We painted them on one of our dates and then took them out with us on a few adventures. They love to travel.  Josh's is the one that looks like Santa lol.

I found these rascals at the thrift store for $0.75 on half price day. Not sure why, but I love them. Perhaps because they drive Charlie crazy.

This is one of my favorite posters in the house. Benjamin points to it often and says, "That's you, Momma and that's you, Daddy. You're dancing. You love it." So cute.

This is the other side of awesome on our wall over our bed. I gave the giant frame to Josh as a gift fairly early in our relationship. It has some of my favorite pictures of our family in it. To the right of that is a sweet Iron & Wine poster (also from Flatstock). It is aqua and lime green and tan and orange and all kinds of crazy colors. I would actually really like to paint our room to match it but I think my husband might kill me. Plus, I hate to paint so that solves that!

Hands down, one of my most prized possessions. Can you tell that's a framed crossword puzzle under the clock? It's the crossword that Josh used to propose to me. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

So there they are, a couple of nooks and crannies that make me happy!

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