Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Benjamin made a fun little project today inspired by this post on Katie Bower's Blog. He loves to paint but he tends to mix all the colors together, as toddlers do, so we end up with a canvas of solid puke green. He chose his colors and I gave him only one or two at a time. This was his first coat of light and dark blue.
Since it was super cloudy, we spread out a towel and did our painting inside. In between each coat of paint, we used the hair dryer to dry the paint. He had a great time with the "blower gun". Next, we put down some stickers onto the dried paint.
He had fun picking and placing his stickers and I restrained myself from offering unsolicited assistance.
He used pink and purple for the next layer and we repeated the process again, ending with some fun green paint.

When it was all finished, we removed all of the stickers and I wrote his message to Daddy on the front.
It was a fun way to spend our afternoon making a keepsake for the best Daddy ever.


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