Saturday, June 9, 2012


I have a ridiculous amount of yarn. Really ridiculous. I've slowly accumulated it over the years and while I've done well in refraining from purchasing more in the last few months, I haven't been able to part with anything from my stash. I look at a skein of yarn and see the project I had in mind when I bought it and of course a ton of other ideas pop into my head. Now that I'm home full time and will hopefully soon have the time to get into crocheting again I would love to figure out a way to store my yarn so I can not only see all of it, but also have it out of the way but still accessible and all in one place. Right now I've got it stashed all over the place in a variety of baskets and drawers. I found a few different ideas but nothing has really clicked as being perfect yet. Hopefully I'll figure out something cheap that we can DIY... Here are some options I liked online...

I like the idea of using a wine rack but something like this would be not only expensive, but take up a ton of floor space in our tiny dining room craft area.

Here's another option I really liked but unless I found something similar online or at a thrift shop that could be painted, I have a feeling it would be super expensive. It would also take up a ton of space but I like the look of it enough that I'd be willing to sacrifice some square footage.

Something like this would be cheap and easy, but since I prefer fat, bulky yarn, I don't think it would work well with my collection. One can for each skein would be crazy.

I liked this idea too, but it just looks a little too messy for what I'm going for.

 Winner! I really like the idea of having something on the wall so it's out of the way and yarn organized by color. With the big open spaces it would be easy to fit different sized skeins together. Now all I have to do is figure out how it was made and get my hubby to help me make it! I guess I'll be adding one of these to my "Honey, can you make me one of these?" list!

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  1. Love the bottom idea! I like the second to the bottom one too. I, alas, do not have enough yarn to fill something like that, maybe someday I will have a large can dream!