Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Value of Money.... Toddler Style

This staying home stuff just keeps getting better and better. I'm not feeling the greatest today. Nauseated and a little dizzy (no, I'm not pregnant, just sickly!). Ben and I stayed in bed this morning watching Babar and eating oatmeal. Every time I asked him what he wanted to do today he would say the same thing, "I just want to stay here and cuddle with my Mommy" and then he'd hug my neck. So sweet. Daddy got off of work early so he made it just in time for a family nap. It was glorious. I only wish I woke up feeling better. Benjamin was certainly ready to party when he woke up. We've spent the last bit of the afternoon baking cookies together and playing with his new remote control car.

Speaking of his new car, he bought it himself! Sort of. About a year ago we let the kids both pick out giant piggy banks. If he does something awesome- like using good manners or helping around the house, he gets to "Feed his piggy". Most of the money comes from the laundry. Any coins (or bills!) I find at the bottom of the washer eventually end up in his pig. Since we'll be home together all summer, we talked about getting a small inflatable pool for the backyard so we have another option of how to spend our afternoons. We've been talking about the pool forever. Yesterday, Josh came home early and we decided it was time to cash in the pig and go pool shopping. I weighed it before we left. That sucker weighed almost 15 pounds! When all was said and done he ended up with a little over $100 ($101.43 to be exact!). Ben decided on a dragon pool with a spray hose and a slide. It was on sale for about $30 so we roamed the toy aisle and I told him he didn't have to spend all of his money- he could put the rest back into his piggy. His response? "Mom, I don't want to spend my money. I just want YOU to buy toys for me." Smart cookie. He ended up getting the car, a Nemo fish for the tub and an airplane... and still had close to half of his money left.

On the drive to and from Burlington one of the things Josh and I spent some time talking about was how we can teach Benjamin about the value of money and what kinds of chores are appropriate for his age so he's "earning" the money he puts in his bank. We really didn't come up with anything different than what we're already doing with him, but we got some good ideas for the future. Now that he's seen the end result of "feeding his piggy" he is SO excited when he finds money in the couch!

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