Tuesday, August 7, 2012


41. My Divorce
42. Fake Mustaches
43. Too many pairs of sunglasses
44. Finding things I forgot I had
45. Grass on bare feet
46. Painted toenails before they get chipped
47. Benjamin's eyelashes
48. The way Joshua's eyes change colors
49. Snuggling under the covers on cloudy days
50. Benjamin's tiny hand absentmindedly tickling my arm
51. High fives
52. Jumping on the trampoline and not peeing my pants
53. Welcoming my husband home after work with a hug, a clean house and a hot dinner
54. Couple's Devotions with Joshua
55. Yarn
56. Awesome thrift store finds on half price day
57. Chocolate
58. The first cup of coffee in the morning
59. Sleeping in
60. Conversations with toddlers

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