Sunday, August 5, 2012

Corners... The Kitchen (or- That's A LOT of Orange)

Our kitchen is orange. And when I say orange, I mean ORANGE. Take a look...

 It was that way when Josh bought the house and he loves it. I have to say it's grown on me. It's certainly not my least favorite thing about our kitchen. I have a lot of complaints about our kitchen. Mostly the pitiful storage space. Of course immediately after I moved in, I started plastering things on the walls.
I found these wooden signs YEARS ago. When I moved back to Washington from California, I literally left with my clothes, some of my craft supplies, my dogs and some stuff off of the walls. These signs made the cut. I love them. I found them at Ross for super cheap.
This is another Ross find from before my move. 49 cents. Seriously. It's made out of aluminum I think. I heart it.
This bad boy is another Flatstock find. We still need to get it framed. Until we do, it hangs out on the side of our refrigerator.
These ceramic measuring cups are another Ross find. I got these shortly before I moved in with Josh because they would match the orange walls. They live on top of our microwave and I use them often.
Since we have really pitiful storage, as I mentioned, we picked up one of these magnetic strips from Ikea for our knives. The orange clock was here when I moved in. It is almost exactly the color of the walls. I call the orange knife "the camouflage one." It makes me giggle.
Owls in every room of our house. No really, every room. This guy hangs out on the oven handle. Thanks, Kohl's.
And... my plants! I have a notoriously black thumb but my mom gave me both the hanging plant and the potted plants in the windowsill a few years ago and they are still alive! Wahoo!! Another thing I don't exactly love about my kitchen? The view from the kitchen window is into our neighbor's sun room/junk room. Gorgeous.

So, not the perfect kitchen by any means but we're making it work. For all of the faults it has, there are things I love about it. I have learned to love cooking meals in this kitchen so no matter where we end up, I have a feeling I will always have fond memories of it. Orange and all.

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