Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ode to Cats

Last October we welcomed a new member to the Farnworth family in honor of Josh's 12th birthday (if he teases me about being old, I get to tease him about being young). We got Charlie Sheen when he was about 8 weeks old from a shelter in Anacortes.
Cute little booger, right?! Benjamin LOVES him like crazy.
Fast forward 7 months and Charlie has gotten HUGE. Josh loves tiny kitties (because he's so manly) and a friend of ours rescued a really tiny kitty around the time we got Charlie. Josh fell in love with her. That tiny kitty, who is still really tiny had kittens. Yesterday we picked one up and brought him home. Meet Emilio Estevez!
He is 5 weeks old and so tiny and cute... and feisty! It was love at first bite for Josh

Emilio has been enjoying getting cuddles from the 3 of us.
It is so funny  to watch him play with Charlie. I couldn't get a good picture, but just so you get the size comparison...
Crazy, right? Of course we're making sure our big Charlie boy is getting lots of lovin to help with the transition. So far, so good! As for our doggie, Marley seems like she could care less about the new addition. She's still sweet as ever.

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