Sunday, August 5, 2012

Countin' 'Em Up

21. The thomp of my child's feet on the hardwood floors
22. Date night with my husband
23. Really good sushi
24. Cold movie theaters on hot days
25. Every word my kid makes up ("huggle" is my favorite, although "pig-goat" is also a good one)
26. My dog Marley's face
27. Successfully making breakfast in bed for my husband without waking him before it's ready
28. Freshly mopped floors
29. Inside jokes
30. My sister Jenna's laugh
31. My niece Luci's hair
31. My nephew Wyatt's teeth
32. My brother's beard (!)
33. How no matter how old I get, my Daddy's hands always seem huge
34. My Momma's hugs
35. Tiny kitten Emilio's eyes
36. Charlie cat's purr
37. Memories of my grandparents
38. The sound of my lawn being mowed
39. Learning new things about my husband
40. Bedtime prayers as a family

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